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 FLAMEN - fireplaces with permanently clean glass

FLAMEN fireplaces are characterized by the unique burning system FLAMclean, which ensures that the fireplaces have permanently clean glass.

FLAMEN Fireplace

We put emhasis on the design and durability of our fireplaces and the comfort of their using. In production we use the best available materials so that the fireplaces can serve you for many years. For example the inner material of the burning chamber is made of heat-resistant concrete which is not fragile and does not break.

Our product range contains the following groups:

Hot-air fireplace inserts - representative part of an interior, available with or without the air exchanger

Hot-water fireplace inserts - impressive, ecological and economical source of heat for the entire house

Accessories - wide range of items you may need for your fireplace

Hot-air fireplaces     Hot-water fireplacesAcumulative fireplaces

FLAMEN fireplaces are available at any company from the list of  our authorized resellers.